I am very happy to be writing my first ever guest post as a blogger and especially pleased to have been asked by Cake Cetera who have some great products, recipes and tips for bakers at every level. I’m an amateur baker and my blog CakeJunki covers baking, cake decorating, lifestyle, home, garden & family….something for everyone. 

My post for Cake Cetera readers is my recipe for Lemon Drizzle Mug Cake. I am a huge fan of mug cakes, they are so simple and quick to do.  You can have an instant cake in minutes and everything is mixed and baked in the mug so no mess! If I’m ever craving cake and can’t be bothered baking a big cake (which means getting my mixer and cake tins out and having to wash them all after!), I can mix and bake a mug cake in minutes and have instant cake – every cake lovers dream!

lemon mug cake

Although mug cakes are usually served in the mug they are baked in (even less washing up) this cake is turned out onto a plate so the crunchy lemon topping can be poured all over it and it runs down the sides and soaks into the cake. The sugar sits on top of the cake to give a lovely crunch when you bite into it – perfect!



2tbs soft butter

1 medium egg

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla essence

3 tbsp caster sugar

4 tbsp self raising flour

zest of 1 lemon

Crunchy Topping:

2 tbsp granulated sugar

2 tbsp lemon juice

zest of 1 lemon


– Put the butter in a mug or small bowl and heat in a microwave until the butter is melted, about 20-30 seconds should be long enough

– Add the egg, lemon juice and vanilla essence and beat well with a fork until everything is well mixed together

– Add the sugar, flour and lemon zest to the mixture and beat until you have a smooth consistency

– Grease a large mug (or line with cling film) and pour in the batter

– Microwave for 2 minutes (600W), 1 minute 45 seconds (800W) or 1 minute 30 seconds (1000W)

– Turn out onto a serving plate to cool (remove cling film if you have used it)

– Mix together the sugar and lemon juice in a bowl then while the cake is still warm (but not hot), pour the topping all over the upside down cake. The lemon juice will soak through the cake and the sugar will sit on top

If you fancy having a go at more Microwave Mug Cakes then you could try a chocolate one too.

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Hi Cake Cetera readers!

My name is Maria and I’m a parenting blogger over at www.suburban-mum.com.  I am an avid baker and can be found usually baking up batches of cupcakes for school cake sales, birthdays and sometimes – just because!

chocolate brownies

My two boys (my eldest especially) love helping me bake. I’d like to share with you today one of my favourite chocolate brownie cake recipes – it’s so easy to make and tastes delicious. It’s one of our favourite bakes in the Suburban Mum household.

Chocolate Brownie Cake recipe

chocolate brownie cake


200g dark chocolate
250g unsalted butter
80g Cocoa powder
65g Plain flour
1tsp baking powder
360g caster sugar
4 large eggs


  1. Pre-heat oven to around 180°
  2. Melt the butter and chocolate in a bowl over hot water (or you can do this in a microwave)
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the cocoa powder, flour, baking powder and sugar together then add to the melted chocolate. Once this is done add the eggs and stir until consistency is smooth
  4. Pour the brownie mix into a lined baking tray and bake in the oven for around 30 mins
  5. Once cool – cut into squares
  6. Enjoy!

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Wedding Rocky Road Recipe

rocky road recipe

Hi, I’m Clare and I blog over at A Wee Bit of Cake.


I’m a Belfast girl engaged to a Bradford boy (aka Mr T) and we now live together in Otley; a wee town on the edge of Leeds.   At the moment we are currently planning our wedding and having a cake table was very important to me.

I love to bake, I love cake and I wanted to express this on our wedding day. If I had endless time I would be baking all sorts for the wedding but I need to be realistic in what I can do and what I can easily make ahead of time.

Rocky Road has always been a popular treat when we have had parties in the past so I knew it would be ideal for the wedding – it’s quick and easy with limited mess. Weddings are special and I knew this rocky road needed to be special too by glitzing it up a bit so it tied in with the colour scheme.


I changed the bottom layer of the rocky road to purple with some food colouring and added some silver leaf to the top for some extra glam. I brought this into work to share with my colleagues and one said “Clare, why is there foil on the top of this?” He was not convinced about the silver leaf at all. Some people just don’t get my need for sparkle!

Thankfully the rocky road went down very well – I may have eaten more than one piece oops! It was so quick and easy to make I’ll definitely make it again to remind me of my big day.

white rocky road

Wedding Rocky Road

500g white chocolate

75g Rice Krispies

75g mini marshmallows

100g dried blueberries

Silver leaf

Purple sprinkles

Purple food gel (I used the Sugarflair grape violet one)

Line an 18cm square tin with clingfilm.

Melt 300g of the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Once melted stir in the food colouring until it has reached your desired colour adding more if required.

Stir in the marshmallows, rice krispies and blueberries.

Pour into the prepared tin, leave to cool then pop in the fridge for 1 hour.

After an hour take the rocky road out of the fridge.

Melt the remaining 200g white chocolate using the same process as before.

Once melted pour over the set rocky road.

Scatter over the purple sprinkles and silver leaf.

Leave to cool then place in the fridge for a further hour.

Once set cut into equal pieces and enjoy!

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