Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes…. What is your favourite?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past century then you’ve definitely sampled some yummy cupcakes or fairy cakes! But how are they different?

Believe it or not, cupcakes have been making the rounds since just after World War 1 but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s they became so popular. This was thanks to a New York bakery called Magnolia Bakery first opening their doors and beginning to introduce gourmet flavours, such as pistachio, to the general public.

The craze then hit our shores and, while most of the population took to this American trend with open arms, some of us were left confused. Many people wondered why American cupcakes were taking the world by storm when we had something so similar – the humble fairy cake.

fairy cakes

The difference is slight but enough for people to have two names for the creations. Here’s a simple explanation below:


  • Larger
  • Flat top
  • Decorated with heaps of butter cream icing and various other edible goodies
  • More elaborate in their design

Fairy cakes

  • Smaller than the cupcake
  • Dome top
  • Usually decorated with runny icing.
  • Simpler in decoration

So when was it that cupcakes become so popular? Was it really when Miranda and Carrie munched on them during an episode of Sex and the City? We hazarded a guess it’s because of how intricately they can be decorated with exciting variations of flavours. A tower of cupcakes made a change to the usual tiered cakes that would have been used for such occasions.


The beautiful cupcakes (above) can be purchased from our website and they come in a range of flavours including vanilla rose and red velvet.

Or if you have been reading this thinking you’ve had the same old cupcakes a million times then how about having a try of our cake push pops? This scrumptious treat contains layers of cake and buttercream and topped with sprinkles. These aren’t available through the website but if you send us a message we can get them arranged for you…… you won’t regret it!

cake push pops




We want these world cakes in our life right now!

Some of the best world cakes from around the globe….. Which one is your favourite?


1. German Black Forest Cake

world cakes

The most famous German dessert….. The Black Forest Cake or Gateau as some prefer to say. This is one of our favourite world cakes and originates from the south-east of Germany, Surprisingly, it is not named after the Black Forest mountain range but from the speciality liquor from the region named Schwarzwälder which has a main ingredient of cherry. This therefore gives the cake its main ingredients – cherries and cherry liquor!

On top of this the cake contains cream and lots and lots of chocolate. If you can get your hands on some of this traditional German drink then we recommend you use this but otherwise any cherry based liquor will do perfectly.

2. Holland’s Stroopwafels

world cakes

The Dutch’s Stroopwafels are truly scrumptious! They translate into syrup wafels in English and two of these yummy biscuits are sandwiched together with a beautiful caramel gooey syrup with a generous amount of butter and brown sugar. Perhaps not the best for those on a strict diet!

Unfortunately, you will need a special waffle iron for this recipe; however, you can also use a shallow waffle iron or pizzelle iron. We know this isn’t really a world ‘cake’ but we decided to put it in anyway!

3. Italy’s Panettone

world cakes

Italy are known for their pizza and their pasta dishes but have you ever tried this Italian signature cake? This sweet bread is normally eaten over the festive period and contains various types of fruit including raisins and currants.

After you have made one of these world cakes it will make the perfect pairing with a sweet liquor such as Amaretto or with a hot chocolate as a sweet treat before bed!

4. China’s Mooncake

world cakes

This delectable Chinese treat originates from the Mid-Autumn festival and is a kind of pastry – or as the Chinese call it a kind of ‘cookie’ – which can have a variety of fillings and tends to have artistic patterns on the outer surface.

Fillings can include red beans, lotus seed paste, chocolate and green tea.

5. Japan’s Castella cake

world cakes

A simple yet scrummy treat which is perfect with a cuppa! This sponge cake is slightly more sweet and moist than usual sponge cake but is super easy to make. This is also perfect to be served as part of afternoon tea or as a dessert.

6. Portugese Custard Tarts

world cakes

Bring one of Portugals favourite pastries into your home with this authentic recipe. These tarts have a rich egg custard with a crisp pastry with a hint of vanilla for added flavour.

These are easy to make and highly addictive!

 7. Spain’s Orange and Almond Cake 

world cakes

This delectable Spanish treat tastes delicious with a cup of tea or coffee. Made with whole oranges and ground almonds, this fruity cake has a wonderful fresh flavour – perfect for a summers day.

The cake is so light yet it contains so much flavour.

8. Mexico’s Tres Leches Cake 

world cakes 8

This authentic Latin-American cake which translates as Three Milk cake is topped with vanilla and whipped cream. The recipe includes three different types of milk: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk and when combined the three milks create a beautiful sweetness.

This cake is moist but not mushy and is an alternative on the traditional sponge cake.

9. Swedish Kladdkaka Cake

world cakes

Otherwise known as ‘chocolate sticky cake’ this is literally like an under-baked traditional chocolate cake. The Swedish delight is also very similar to a Chocolate Brownie and is often eaten with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

10. French Macarons 

world bakes

This French classic is a sweet meringue based confection and can come in a variety of different colours and flavours. This recipe is a basic guide to make the treat; however, French Macarons can be extremely hard to get right.

Here at Cake Cetera we specialise in French Macarons and bake them to perfection in a variety of flavours including vanilla, lemon, salted caramel and chocolate. And they can be personalised too!


kaye ford

Meet Kaye…our Brand Ambassador of the week! Kaye is a photographer, blogger and full time cake lover!

Q1: What’s your name and where are you from?

Kaye Ford, Watford

Q2:How long have you been blogging? Tell us a little about it?

1 year and 2 months. I cover “lifestyle” in which a lot of foodie stuff gets blogged about, as well as beauty and general day to day bits

Q3: Food Yay?

YAY! Pizza, macarons, creme brulee, peanut butter, ALL


Q4: Food Nay?

Nay 🙁 Seafood, butter, mayo

Q5: What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Macarons (when I get time)

Q6: Describe yourself in 3 words!

Energetic, friendly, loud

Q7: What or what is your guilty pleasure?

I have no guilty pleasures, because they don’t give me guilt. If I enjoy something, I enjoy it

Q8: So you’re a huge Cake Cetera fan and a Brand Ambassador! What’s your favourite product and why?


Welcome to the team Kaye! Kaye’s blog is amazing and you can follow her on  Twitter and Instagram too!