5 tips for a successful Cake Delivery

cake delivery

A cake delivery is one of the most stressful jobs ever so this photo really made us smile. Here at Cake Cetera we have been hand delivering cakes for almost 3 years and we thought we would share some stories and tips for a successful cake delivery. Thankfully we now send all our cakes by post but we really feel your pain as we experience lots of disasters when first starting out.

cake delivery


After spending hours perfecting your masterpiece with your mind completely on wine, the last step is a simple journey to deliver your cake. What can possibly go wrong? Whilst driving like an OAP no one else on the road realises that you have a cake, yes a fragile cake inside! A cake that you have spent most of the night on with no sleep and you really want a funeral style following….infact you have not prayed for something this much since last at church.

cake pops

Please God let this cake arrive. Here are some great tips to avoid any cake delivery disasters:

1. Leave early

Like most cake decorators you will be rushing against the clock so always try and research delivery location beforehand.  Avoid giving customers an exact time for delivery and consider charging more for a timed delivery – Your safety is much more important than any order. Enter your delivery postcodes into a multi-route planner which advises best routes in the quickest time.

2. Contact venues

Delivering to a wedding or venue? Liaise with the owners/manager in advance to find out opening times and the earliest time you can arrive to deliver. Find out where the cake should be set up and the door to enter. Count how many doors you have to open or stairs you have to go up and consider if you will need to bring someone to help you or assemble on site. This will avoid less stress and give you more time on the day.

3. Package correctly

Use good support in the cake when travelling and use a non-slip mat under the cake in your vehicle. Don’t let anyone touch or move the cake once it’s set up.

4. Bring an emergency kit

Always take a little kit with you containing extra fondant/buttercream and tools that you would require to repair any disasters enroute.

5. Bring Ice Packs

If you are doing a cupcake delivery, buttercream can be prone to melting. Consider freezing cupcakes before delivering on really warm days or consider taking ice packs and laying them on top of your boxes. Our website lets you send cake by post anywhere in the UK next day delivery. Check out our creations


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