10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas for 2018

10 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll know there’s so much to think about, including the cake! Cutting the cake is a traditional wedding ritual, but all that fruit cake or chocolate sponge often ends up forgotten about in the back of cupboard and freezers.

If you don’t think a traditional cake is really your style, consider one of these fun, fresh and unusual alternative wedding cake ideas from Doughnut Walls,  Macaron Cakes , Cookies and Gourmet Marshmallows.



With a display of cupcakes instead of one big cake, many people choose to combine their cupcakes with favours for guests to take home. Flavours and colours can be tweaked with a cupcake wedding cake or tower to suit the bridesmaids and always a big hit with children.


wedding cheesecake

If you’re not a huge fan of cake but love desserts, serve cheesecake instead of a sponge. A cheesecake tower from The Handmade Cheesecake Company means that you can still cut the “cake” but guests might be more likely to come back for second helpings if you’ve got a fresh cheesecake up for grabs.


cheese cake

More savoury than sweet?   Instead, take the cheesecake idea to a whole new level by creating a tier of your favourite cheeses, laying out a selection of crackers and letting guests help themselves! We love this one from George Mewes

Pork pie “cake”

pork pie

If you’re not too big on cake OR cheese, a large pork pie from Marks & Spencer could be the perfect meaty alternative for your guests, and would go great with a country wedding theme or an outdoor wedding to get a picnic feeling.

French Macaron Tower

french macaroons

Macarons ooze class and sophistication, which makes them perfect for a simple, elegant wedding. At Cake Cetera we have French macarons in pistachio, raspberry, coffee and vanilla flavour to create a stunning macaron tower for your guests to enjoy. Macaroon Cakes also look fabulous and we can provide macarons to add to your own display.

We can also personalise our French Macarons with the message of your choice or you can buy macarons in bulk for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Doughnut Wall

doughnut wall

If doughnuts are your thing, create a DIY doughnut tower by either stacking doughnuts on a stand or getting creative with a hammer and creating a doughnut wall, one of 2016’s latest wedding trends.

Cake Pops

alternative wedding cake


Pop cakes or Cake Pops are a fun and unique alternative to wedding cake, cake pops go down especially well with children and you can use them to create a really eye catching display.

Order Cake Pops at Cake Cetera for delivery anywhere in the UK.


alternative wedding cake


If you’re looking for a simple, but pretty alternative to cake, these pretty cookie wedding cookies fit the bill! They are hand iced and wrapped individually …perfect little favours!

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French Macaron Pops

alternative wedding cake ideas

Looking for unusual wedding favours? Check out French Macaroon Cake Pops!  French Macarons attached to a lollipop stick and wrapped in a little bag then tied with a ribbon of your choice Personalise your french macaron cake pop with your names, sprinkles and wedding date.

Order your macaron pops in our online shop Cake Cetera

Gourmet Marshmallows!

gourmet marshmallows

Gourmet Marshmallows have been hailed as the new cupcake over the years with their exciting range of delicious flavours. Unlike the cupcake though…they are gluten free and fat free and make delicious favours.

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We hope we have inspired you with these delicious Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas!

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