Guide to the Best French Macarons

How to make the Best French Macarons!

Want to make the best French Macarons? When you look at the vibrant colours and lacy frills of a perfectly crisp crusted and dainty French Macaron, the first thing that obviously occurs to you is how they get that perfect shape, colour and consistency. We understand, because we’ve been there and it took us years of practice to perfect the French delicacy.

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The French Macaron has become quite popular all over the globe, and although Parisian cafés and French bakeries are still the pioneers of this art, a little bit of practice and some failed French experiments will get you there!

This guide imparts all the knowledge you need to have when you set out to bake the perfect French cookie, and unlike its counterparts, once you have achieved deftness at handling the dessert it, all becomes extremely easy. The key to the best French macarons does not only lie in the shape; but the colour, consistency, amount of crunch, and aroma also play a vital role.

Creating a Perfect Macaron

These scrumptious delicacies are capable of stumping even the most experienced of chefs, and they are a temperamental dessert to handle. Even when you follow a detailed recipe, a batch of fresh Macarons can quickly go wrong before you even manage to notice. The following tips have been assembled to help you avoid all the pitfalls of baking this delicious French dessert and solve all your syrupy conundrums.

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Trick 1 – Using Aged Egg Whites

When you age the egg whites, it tends to dehydrate them, and this can help you achieve a firmer and more consistent meringue. You can either use eggs that have been stored at room temperature, or (for better results) just place the egg whites in a non-porous plastic bowl covered with a plastic wrap and poke some holes in it with the help of a toothpick.

Trick 2 – Fresh Ingredients Seal the Deal

Make sure all the ingredients you use are fresh, and even when you dehydrate the eggs, make sure they are not past their expiration date. Using fresh flour, sugar and almond meal will help the Macaron attain its signature glossy texture.

Trick 3 – Grind Vigorously!

The almond meal that you use should always be ground very finely so that it can fit through a sieve made of net. If you are using packaged ingredients, make sure to grind them well before using them.

best french macarons

Trick 4 – Gel with the Hue   

If you use liquid food colours, they can alter the consistency and texture of your French delicacy; try using gel colours that you can add while whipping your meringue. Don’t be afraid of adding a lot of colour since once the almond meal is added, the hue fades at least two tones.

Trick 5 – Drying Can Help

If the tops of your French Macarons are beginning to crack inside the oven, allow the piped cookies enough time to properly dry along with the next batch. You can set out the baking trays decorated with Macarons for 30 minutes till they dry and do not stick to your fingers and then pop them in the oven so that cracking does not occur.

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Trick 6 – Practice Makes Perfect

We have all heard of this time and time again, and it simply cannot be stressed upon enough how important practicing your hand at baking these delicacies is. Everyone will fail or end up with horrible looking Macarons in the first few rounds, but if you keep at it, you will find the right consistency and make new ways for yourself to successfully handle the dessert inside your kitchen and create the best French macarons.

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best french macarons