Last night’s Great British Bake Off

Great British Bake Off – Biscuit Week

Each week we invite some of the UK’s top baking bloggers to review the show. This week blogger  Chrissy Cleator reveals all about last night’s episode (Biscuit Week)

So here we are on to episode 2 of the Great British Bake Off… After losing Stu last week, this week the bakers face Biscuits, I mean what can go wrong with baking a few biscuits?!

The first challenge of the day is 24 IDENTICAL Crunchy Biscotti, which is a Italian twice baked biscuit. With a lot of different ingredients being used, including Jack Fruit, Rosemary and goji berries, can anything go wrong, or will these brilliant bakers all pull it out the bag!

All of the bakers biscotti’s seem to be smooth sailing, with none of the judges having an overly bad thing to say about them.


The second challenge is really a challenge! Set by Paul, the bakers have got to make Arlette biscuits, which is very similar to puff pastry but very thin and sugary. The only advice coming from Paul was “Don’t Rush It”. The contestants are given a very basic recipe to follow, who is going to get it right?

Ian is the first to discover the link to puff pastry, while Flora really seems to know what she is talking about while closely following the recipe.

Slowly all of the bakers biscuits seem to beginning to come together, but disaster strikes when Marie discovers she hasn’t had the oven on the correct setting with moments left to go until the judges appear!

There are a lot of positive comments across the board but after her poor start last week and top the top of the class in the first challenge Dorret came first with Flora following closely behind!

The third and final challenge is to make 36 biscuits, but they must be presented in a biscuit box of another kind of biscuit mix.

All of the bakers seem to have some fantastic idea and plans for their biscuit boxes, but how long will the plans go to plan!

Dorret is the first to disappoint when the judges visit her counter to find she is using a frog biscuit cutter to make her biscuits. Mary herself confirms it is “too easy”. Next issue is actually Sue’s fault after her manages to break Nadiya’s biscuit bowl, before then end of the baking challenge.

Time’s up but who will finish with the title Star Baker?!


This weeks star baker is Ian! After a great start in the biscotti challenge with adding rosemary to his biscuits and then a good following of the recipe challenge, his third and final challenge gave him the star title with gorgeous pink macarons and a lovely cylinder shaped box! We know how tricky our French macarons can be and Ian beat Paul hands down at these.

Star Baker

He may not be able to win the best male baker’s prize in his home village but he has made GBBO Star Baker!


But this week we actually said goodbye to last weeks star baker, Marie! This week just wasn’t her week after missing a few of her biscotti biscuits, and her oven disaster during the second challenge. Her biscuit box was told to be bland and unimpressive.

I can’t wait to see how our bakers get on next week during…Bread week!


Photo Credit: Great British Bake Off

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