Buy Macaroons Cheap ? Exactly why macarons are expensive!

Looking to buy macaroons cheap?  Here’s why they are expensive!

macaroons cheap

We have had a lot of requests recently for cheap macaroons and why macarons are so expensive so we thought we’d explain a little more.

French Macarons are extremely tricky to make. It takes years of expense and practice to get the correct recipe, the correct shape, the correct texture and the correct flavour.

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It’s often joked that it’s what turns bakers grey and we can completely agree with that at Cake Cetera HQ.

Many of the ingredients can be expensive and difficult to source in the UK . Macaron shells are made by folding almond flour  and confectioners sugar into a meringue (sugar and egg whites) and involves the timely steps below:

Aged egg whites 

The egg whites (used to make the meringue) are recommend to be aged up to five days in the refrigerator before being mixed in.

Resting Period

After aging the egg whites and a piping marathon the french macarons then have to be rested for up to 30 minutes for form a skin.  If we don’t wait for the skin to form the macaron feet (base) don’t rise.

Piping the Correct Size and Shape

Even the slightest slant of the pastry bag could cause our team to create inconsistent circles—and two mismatched halves! Investment in specialist mats and trays ensure that macarons are uniform

More Waiting

Even after making and filling the French Macarons they’re not ready to eat, but they’re really at their best after 24 or even 48 hours.    When freshly baked this is hard and crisp, but over the next day it absorbs the filling flavour and its inside becomes more softer while the crust on the surface stays intact!

Hope that helps explain why you can’t really buy macaroons cheap but we try and keep our prices as affordable as possible so that everyone can try our tasty treats!

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macaroons cheap

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