Cake Hybrids we need in our lives – Duffins, Townies, Muffles and Cronuts

Cake Hybrids that we need in our lives!

Cake Hybrids? We just love a cross over Cake here at Cake Cetera! Yip that’s called a Cake Hybrid so we thought we’d keep you in the loop with the latest crazy combinations!

1. Duffins – A cross between a doughnut and a muffin

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After ‘Duffingate’, the scandal in the news where a small London bakery has went up against Starbucks

Now everyone wants to know how to make these treats. While most recipes are American, with the measurements in cups and confusing ingredients we don’t have, we found one duffin recipe that is easy to make for all us UK bakers. Enjoy!

2. Townie – A cross between a tartlet and a brownie


Townies are all the things you love about brownies, except they’re baked in a tart shell to create a fun, sweet-and-salty treat. Find a Townie Recipe and test out these tasty treats!

3. Muffle – A cross between a muffin and a waffle


A muffle is a waffle made with Muffin batter. Find out how to make one over at

4. Cronut – A cross between a croissant and a doughnut


 The New York bakery that created them had such a large demand for these cake hybrids that they sold out of their daily batch of 200 by 9.30am! People were even been buying them and re-selling them online for up to $40. Find out how to make them on our blog!

5. Cupcaron – If a cupcake and a macaron had a baby

food hybrids

This is heaven….can’t decide between a cupcake and a French macaron? Now you can enjoy both. Try some from our cupcake website!

6.  Ice Cream Doughnut

A Wellington bakery has tasted sweet success in jumping on the latest desert craze bandwagon – the calorie-packed, sugar bomb known as the icecream doughnut.

cake hybrids

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