Tasty Cake Trends 2014

This year there are LOADS of new trends hitting the bakery world. We’ve done our research on them and brought you in our top 10 tasty cake trends 2014. Look out for these yummy treats when you’re doing your shopping or checking out the dessert menu in a restaurant. You might even come up with your own spin on these trends if you like to bake!

1. Layering

Layer Cake
Layer Wedding Ombre Cake

Layer cakes were huge a few years ago, but now layering is back with a bang. The most popular design this year will be ‘ombre’ colour which means the layers are gradual colour from light to dark. This is an obsession in the fashion world just now, from clothing to hair and will become just as popular in the food industry. As well as cakes, this idea has spread to macarons, biscuits, cheesecakes and even rice crispy treats!

2. Return to Tradition

chelsea bun
Chelsea bun traditional baking

According to The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Masterchef finalist Stacie Stewart and master chocolatier Paul A Young, one of the biggest trends this year will be a return to traditional British baking. They all agree that a lot of bakers will re-launch ‘retro’ regional foods such as the Chelsea bun and Devonshire Split.

3. Flavoured Puff Pastry

flavoured pastry
Flavoured pastry GBBO

Puff pastry will be big this year, with John Whaite (winner of last year’s Great British Bake Off) saying that he has noticed an increase in the use of puff pastry that has been flavoured before use- “pastry that has been layered with herbs or spices, or even cocoa!”

4. Doughnuts

Iced doughnuts
Iced doughnuts trends

Doughnuts have always been popular, but they’ve become increasingly sought after in the UK in recent years. After last year’s crazes like cronuts and duffins, it seems this year the ‘in’ thing will be a plain old doughnut. Their popularity is obvious with everyone going crazy for ‘Krispy Kreme’, who just last year opened their first Scottish store. They can now be bought in over 350 Tesco stores too!

5. ‘Homemade’ Marshmallows

gourmet marshmallows
Cake Cetera gourmet marshmallows

In the last few years, marshmallows have had a makeover. They’re nothing like the pink and white ones we all grew up with-they’re now a gourmet food. With flavours ranging from caramel shortcake to tablet to chocolate and peppermint, gourmet marshmallows were one of 2013’s biggest crazes. They are still going to be hugely popular this year, with more and more available to buy.

6. Domed cakes/desserts

Domed Cakes
Domed wedding cakes

This year, one of the relatively new trends in the baking world is domed cakes and desserts. Many people love this idea because it’s that little bit different. From little treats you can buy from the supermarket to tiered wedding cakes, many people will be choosing the dome because, next to a regular round or square cake, it stands out! For those of you wanting to try this yourself, all you need to do it buy a specialist domed pan, which you can get in most baking stores or online.

7. Savoury Icing

savoury icing
Savoury icing on a cupcake

One of the biggest crazes this year is savoury icing. This is exactly what it says on the tin, icing flavoured with savoury foods as opposed to sweet. Instead of using regular flavourings like chocolate, many bakers and chefs will be trying out new flavours including smoked BBQ, beets, bacon and even beer!

8. Tea in Baking

tea in baking
Using tea in recipes

All you tea lovers out there, this one is for you! Many bakers have said that 2014 will be the year tea and cake merge. Whilst it’s been tried out a little, adding tea to either the cake mixture or icing, this year’s big hit will be the tea fruit loaf. Keep your eyes peeled in supermarkets and coffee shops.

9. Jelly

Fancy Jelly
Jelly from Bompas & Parr

This may seem a strange one but it will be huge this year! ‘Jellymongers’ Bompas & Parr, based in London, have started a jelly revival, using it to create edible landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. ‘Fancy’ jelly is also being included on more and more restaurant menus, as well as in supermarkets, usually layered with fruit or panna cotta.

10. Savoury Chocolate

Savoury Chocolate
Very peculiar marmite chocolate

Continuing on with the idea of savoury instead of sweet, this year more and more chocolates with have flavours including chilli, bacon, cheese and even marmite! I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stick to good old fashioned chocolate!

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