Dessert Trends 2018

Each year we discover the latest dessert trends hailed as the new cupcake. So what are this year’s dessert trends and how can we get our hands on them.

1. Waffle Pops

If you love waffles, cake pops and desserts, then you’re about to be obsessed with these beautiful and delicious waffle pops

2. Numbers Cakes

Number Cakes have sweeped our 2018 Instagram Feed. Roll on the next birthday! / Via

Number Cakes have sweeped our 2018 Instagram Feed. Roll on the next birthday!

3. French Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

2 of our favourite things. French Macarons and Ice Cream! We can't wait for summer! / Via

Two of our favourite things. French Macarons and Ice Cream! We can’t wait for summer!

4. Cake Jars

Cake Jars are the perfect dainty dessert for those cake lovers that miss their mouth and ideal for weddings and special events / Via

Cake Jars are the perfect dainty dessert for those cake lovers that miss their mouth and ideal for weddings and special events

5. Cake Popsicles

Just when you think there can never be enough twists on a cupcake...along comes a Cake Popsicle! / Via

Just when you think there can never be enough twists on a cupcake…along comes a Cake Popsicle!

We would love to hear of any more delicious dessert trends you have discovered in 2018!


Macarons or Macaroons? Confused…Let’s clear this up for you.

To really grasp the difference between macarons or macaroons we have to travel back in time to Italy and examine one of its most popular biscuits – the Amaretti.


Amarettis are made from an almond paste combined with a meringue like mixture and then baked to perfection. Italian bakers had been creating and delighting people with these bundles of joy for many, many years. Bakers love to experiment and that’s exactly what happened next. Two divisions of bakers took the unassuming Amaretti and put their thinking caps on.

One group decided to use shredded coconut instead of the normal almond paste and the well known and loved Macaroon was born. The Macaroon (from the Italian maccarone or maccherone meaning ‘paste’ – referring back to its origins) became exceptionally popular with the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe for Passover as all the ingredients are unleavened and so they could still be eaten during the festival period.



Yet here in Scotland, most people will think of a Macaroon Bar when we refer to Macaroons. The Italian Macaroon recipe was reinvented and the macaroon bar was developed and manufactured by the Lees factory back in 1931. …just 5 miles from our HQ here in Scotland.

John J Lees created the Macaroon Bar with mashed potatoes, chocolate chips, desiccated coconut and since then the macaroon bar has become a Scottish icon….just like the Tunnocks Teacake.


macaroon bar

Back in Italy, the other group wanted to try substituting finely ground almonds in the form of flour to the normal Amaretti mixture – this resulted in a smoother biscuit which was baked in perfect circles. But the experimenting didn’t stop there; the French further developed the recipe by having the chefs at the royal court play around with it when it was brought back from Italy by the French King’s Italian wife, Catherine De Medici. The name ‘Macaron’ is the French spelling for the colourful treat whereas congolais refers to the coconut variety.

So now you know about the difference between the two delicious baked treats, why not try your hand at creating one of these at home? Or, if you’re a bit timid in the kitchen, why not pick up a box of our gorgeous French Macarons to devour with that special someone or send as a gift by post.

French Macarons UK delivery

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We can also personalise our French Macarons with the message of your choice or you can buy macarons in bulk for weddings, parties and corporate events.







Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes…. What is your favourite?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past century then you’ve definitely sampled some yummy cupcakes or fairy cakes! But how are they different?

Believe it or not, cupcakes have been making the rounds since just after World War 1 but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s they became so popular. This was thanks to a New York bakery called Magnolia Bakery first opening their doors and beginning to introduce gourmet flavours, such as pistachio, to the general public.

The craze then hit our shores and, while most of the population took to this American trend with open arms, some of us were left confused. Many people wondered why American cupcakes were taking the world by storm when we had something so similar – the humble fairy cake.

fairy cakes

The difference is slight but enough for people to have two names for the creations. Here’s a simple explanation below:


  • Larger
  • Flat top
  • Decorated with heaps of butter cream icing and various other edible goodies
  • More elaborate in their design

Fairy cakes

  • Smaller than the cupcake
  • Dome top
  • Usually decorated with runny icing.
  • Simpler in decoration

So when was it that cupcakes become so popular? Was it really when Miranda and Carrie munched on them during an episode of Sex and the City? We hazarded a guess it’s because of how intricately they can be decorated with exciting variations of flavours. A tower of cupcakes made a change to the usual tiered cakes that would have been used for such occasions.


The beautiful cupcakes (above) can be purchased from our website and they come in a range of flavours including vanilla rose and red velvet.

Or if you have been reading this thinking you’ve had the same old cupcakes a million times then how about having a try of our Cake Pops.  We send by post anywhere in the UK.



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