Looking to buy macaroons cheap?  Here’s why they are expensive!

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We have had a lot of requests recently for cheap macaroons and why macarons are so expensive so we thought we’d explain a little more.

French Macarons are extremely tricky to make. It takes years of expense and practice to get the correct recipe, the correct shape, the correct texture and the correct flavour.

It’s often joked that it’s what turns bakers grey and we can completely agree with that at Cake Cetera HQ.

Many of the ingredients can be expensive and difficult to source in the UK . Macaron shells are made by folding almond flour  and confectioners sugar into a meringue (sugar and egg whites) and involves the timely steps below:

Aged egg whites 

The egg whites (used to make the meringue) are recommend to be aged up to five days in the refrigerator before being mixed in.

Resting Period

After aging the egg whites and a piping marathon the french macarons then have to be rested for up to 30 minutes for form a skin.  If we don’t wait for the skin to form the macaron feet (base) don’t rise.

Piping the Correct Size and Shape

Even the slightest slant of the pastry bag could cause our team to create inconsistent circles—and two mismatched halves! Investment in specialist mats and trays ensure that macarons are uniform

More Waiting

Even after making and filling the French Macarons they’re not ready to eat, but they’re really at their best after 24 or even 48 hours.    When freshly baked this is hard and crisp, but over the next day it absorbs the filling flavour and its inside becomes more softer while the crust on the surface stays intact!


Where to buy macaroons online?

Hope that helps explain why you can’t really buy macaroons cheap but we try and keep our prices as affordable as possible so that everyone can try our tasty treats!

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How to make the Best French Macarons!

Want to make the best French Macarons? When you look at the vibrant colours and lacy frills of a perfectly crisp crusted and dainty French Macaron, the first thing that obviously occurs to you is how they get that perfect shape, colour and consistency. We understand, because we’ve been there and it took us years of practice to perfect the French delicacy.

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The French Macaron has become quite popular all over the globe, and although Parisian cafés and French bakeries are still the pioneers of this art, a little bit of practice and some failed French experiments will get you there!

This guide imparts all the knowledge you need to have when you set out to bake the perfect French cookie, and unlike its counterparts, once you have achieved deftness at handling the dessert it, all becomes extremely easy. The key to the best French macarons does not only lie in the shape; but the colour, consistency, amount of crunch, and aroma also play a vital role.

Creating a Perfect Macaron

These scrumptious delicacies are capable of stumping even the most experienced of chefs, and they are a temperamental dessert to handle. Even when you follow a detailed recipe, a batch of fresh Macarons can quickly go wrong before you even manage to notice. The following tips have been assembled to help you avoid all the pitfalls of baking this delicious French dessert and solve all your syrupy conundrums.

best french macarons

Trick 1 – Using Aged Egg Whites

When you age the egg whites, it tends to dehydrate them, and this can help you achieve a firmer and more consistent meringue. You can either use eggs that have been stored at room temperature, or (for better results) just place the egg whites in a non-porous plastic bowl covered with a plastic wrap and poke some holes in it with the help of a toothpick.

Trick 2 – Fresh Ingredients Seal the Deal

Make sure all the ingredients you use are fresh, and even when you dehydrate the eggs, make sure they are not past their expiration date. Using fresh flour, sugar and almond meal will help the Macaron attain its signature glossy texture.

Trick 3 – Grind Vigorously!

The almond meal that you use should always be ground very finely so that it can fit through a sieve made of net. If you are using packaged ingredients, make sure to grind them well before using them.

best french macarons

Trick 4 – Gel with the Hue   

If you use liquid food colours, they can alter the consistency and texture of your French delicacy; try using gel colours that you can add while whipping your meringue. Don’t be afraid of adding a lot of colour since once the almond meal is added, the hue fades at least two tones.

Trick 5 – Drying Can Help

If the tops of your French Macarons are beginning to crack inside the oven, allow the piped cookies enough time to properly dry along with the next batch. You can set out the baking trays decorated with Macarons for 30 minutes till they dry and do not stick to your fingers and then pop them in the oven so that cracking does not occur.

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Trick 6 – Practice Makes Perfect

We have all heard of this time and time again, and it simply cannot be stressed upon enough how important practicing your hand at baking these delicacies is. Everyone will fail or end up with horrible looking Macarons in the first few rounds, but if you keep at it, you will find the right consistency and make new ways for yourself to successfully handle the dessert inside your kitchen and create the best French macarons.

If all else fails, simply call and order in your favourite flavours of our delicious French Macarons and sit back to enjoy the sugary bliss on the tip of your tongue. We at Cake-Cetera deliver bulk macaron orders for weddings for all your parties and special occasions. Visit our website to buy macarons for delivery anywhere in the UK.

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French Macaron – The Most Coveted Cookie in France

french macaroonsAmong all the culinary gifts the French have bestowed upon the world, the French Macaron is one of the most uniquely flavoured and delicately styled desserts we have ever seen. Who could stand to declare that the crunchy-on-top and chewy-in-the-middle cookies sandwiched with flavoured butter crème, jams or marmalades doesn’t make their mouths water? Not Us!

While the European region, especially Paris, has a high demand for the colourful and scrumptious confections made with a layer of filling between two, perfectly baked, meringue cookies; In the USA and here in the UK we have also started to widely accept the dessert as one of the most delicious French delicacies. Many people are no longer strangers to the many colours and ingredients that can be used to slightly alter the flavour and appearance of these amazing treats. Some are hailing Wedding French macarons as the ‘new cupcake’ and the biggest wedding dessert trend since the little fairy cake got so popular..

french macaron tower

The French delight is commonly confused with the Macaroon, which is another coconut cookie that comes with a similar name, but the recipes and ingredients in both the desserts are entirely different. While the French Macaron is light and still temptingly sweet, the Macaroon is a hard and crunchy cookie that is packed with coconuts and sugar. You can read here about what you should really call them as it’s a tad confusing.

We will share a few tips and a recipe with you that can help you ensure that whatever flavour you choose, you always end up with the yummiest and most presentable French Macarons on your oven trays at the end of the day.

Tip 1 – Sift, Sift, and Sift Some More!

The first step to making some beautiful Macarons is that you combine some Almond meal and powdered sugar, and this mixture really is the heart of the cookie. But what most of us end up doing is mixing together large pieces of almond and sugar that haven’t been properly grounded and the batter becomes rough; which in turn will result in rough textured cookies. You don’t want that, we don’t want that, nobody wants that! So instead, when you combine the two ingredients together, make sure you run it through a sieve and use a spoon to see if the mixture has a fine powdery texture. This will help you get the smooth, beautiful top to your Macaron when you’re baking and still make your cookies really light!

make french macaron

Tip 2 – The Mixtures Must Be Mixed!

The two cornerstones of a beautiful Macaron are a mixture of your egg whites, granulated sugar, food colour, and the mixture of flour and sugar that you originally sifted into a fine powder. But the problem lies where the both the mixtures are combined; while some will over-mix the batter so that it becomes really fine and spreads on the sheets, some will end up not mixing well enough and have rough, granulated Macarons that crack to work with at the end of the day. The secret to a perfect Macaron is finding the right consistency and a balance. You have to make sure that you mixture is thin enough to spill from the spoon but isn’t liquid enough that it spreads on the oven trays.

french macaron

Tip 3 – Yes, Knock That Tray on the Kitchen Counter!

A great tip to always keep handy is bang your tray on top of the kitchen counter as many times as it takes to pop the trapped air bubbles inside the small cookies, but not too much that it deforms the originally intended shape of the cookie.  The presence of air bubbles inside the Macarons can cause them to crack while baking, and you could end up with a perfectly baked, ‘ruined’ French Macaron. So once you have set up your cookies on the parchment paper, bang the tray lightly on top of the counter till you start to see all the little air bubbles escape, and you’re ready to pop them in the oven.


french macaroons

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