Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is almost here! Since it’s only a week tomorrow ’til Santa comes, here at Cake-Cetera we’ve been looking up some great ideas for Christmas cupcakes. Cupcakes are always in demand at this time of year and these ideas are easy enough for the kids to help out!

Strawberry Santa Hat


These cupcakes are so easy to do, and yet look great when they’re finished. All you have to do is put a strawberry on top of your iced cupcake, and decorate it with white buttercream and some sprinkles if you fancy. Easy peasy!

Santa In The Chimney


This one is a wee bit trickier than the strawberry cupcake but the kids (and adults) will love it. After icing your cupcake as usual, mess up your icing a little with a knife, to make it look like snow. Then, using ready to roll icing (sugarpaste/fondant), make little bricks and set them aside to dry out a little. You can then go on to make Santa’s legs and feet. Once your sugarpaste has hardened a little, you can start putting the bricks on your cupcakes (stick them together with some buttercream). Then all you have to do is put Santa’s legs in the chimney and put a little bit more ‘snow’ down.



If you want a cupcake that’s more creative than a strawberry but not as tricky as the chimney, then cut-out decorations are for you. Simply roll out your sugarpaste, and cut out the shape using a cutter or template! You can then add it to your cupcake and decorate it as you please.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and let us see the pictures of all your Christmas baking! x