Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes! What’s the difference?

Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes…. What is your favourite?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past century then you’ve definitely sampled some yummy cupcakes or fairy cakes! But how are they different?

Believe it or not, cupcakes have been making the rounds since just after World War 1 but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s they became so popular. This was thanks to a New York bakery called Magnolia Bakery first opening their doors and beginning to introduce gourmet flavours, such as pistachio, to the general public.

The craze then hit our shores and, while most of the population took to this American trend with open arms, some of us were left confused. Many people wondered why American cupcakes were taking the world by storm when we had something so similar – the humble fairy cake.

fairy cakes

The difference is slight but enough for people to have two names for the creations. Here’s a simple explanation below:


  • Larger
  • Flat top
  • Decorated with heaps of butter cream icing and various other edible goodies
  • More elaborate in their design

Fairy cakes

  • Smaller than the cupcake
  • Dome top
  • Usually decorated with runny icing.
  • Simpler in decoration

So when was it that cupcakes become so popular? Was it really when Miranda and Carrie munched on them during an episode of Sex and the City? We hazarded a guess it’s because of how intricately they can be decorated with exciting variations of flavours. A tower of cupcakes made a change to the usual tiered cakes that would have been used for such occasions.


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