Irn Bru and Tablet Cupcakes

We are delighted to have top food blogger Stuart Vettese aka  ‘Cakeyboi’ working with us at CCHQ. Last week we enjoyed Cakeyboi’s yummy trifle cupcakes …what possibly could beat that?

Irn Bru & Tablet Cupcakes? Yes please! Check out Cakeyboi’s latest creation:

Irn Bru cupcakes

“Inspired by my Scottish roots I used a basic cupcake recipe to make these Scottish Tablet Stuffed and Irn Brew Frosted Cupcakes!  I then divided this between 12 cupcake cases.

Find the basic cupcake recipe here:

batter bowl

Now let the cupcakes cool before you move onto using the OXO Good Grips Corer.  This handy tool lets you remove the centre of cupcakes to fill with anything you choose. With an easy movement you core the cupcake and it ejects the centre for you to top the cupcake off with. It has a soft and non-slip grip, so perfect for kids or if you are making a large amount. Alternatively you can cut out a hole with a sharp knife.

cupcake corer


I whipped up a batch of my Scottish Tablet. (I overcooked it a tad in haste!!) and carefully spooned this into the cored cupcakes before it set. I let the remaining tablet set up in a separate pan, so I could snack on this later.

tablet stuffed

Obviously you can cheat and buy some tablet but if you want to try Stuart’s Scottish tablet recipe…you can find it here:




I let the tablet set fully in the cakes before I whipped up a batch of Iron Brew flavoured buttercream. I purchased the Iron Brew flavouring online and added 1 teaspoon to 500 grams of icing sugar, 200 grams of butter and one tablespoon of milk, all whipped up with some orange food colouring.
Inside Cupcake


To finish I decorated the frosting with some little blue chocolate balls. And that was my Iron Brew and Tablet Cupcakes. Give them a try!



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