Jelly Bean Christmas Trees

Jelly Bean Christmas Trees

jelly bean christmas trees

These Jelly Bean Christmas Trees are so simple to make and they are perfect for the kids to make in the lead up to Christmas! They can be used as presents or even just as a wee treat during the holidays.

What you need

  • 12 plastic piping bags
  • Approx 900g green jelly beans
  • Approx 250g total of yellow, white & red jelly beans (this is just an example, any colours can be used)
  • Sellotape
  • 12 brown pipe cleaners


  1. Open one of your piping bags and put a few yellow jelly beans into the tip. Pour about 75g of the green jelly beans into the bag (for lights/tinsel/ornaments, you can mix through some of the yellow, white and red jelly beans).
  2. For the tree’s trunk, tape the bottom of the bag closed and twist a brown pipe cleaner around the plastic at the base. Trim off the excess plastic.

We hope you all have fun making these with jelly bean Christmas trees with the kids! x