Meet this week’s Star Baker – La Maison Guimauve

Say Hello to Sheila Harrington…this week’s Star Baker at La Maison Guimauve

Did you know Marshmallows were actually sacred to the Ancient Egyptians? They were given as offerings to the Gods and Pharoahs. They used the sap from the mallow plant which grew along the Nile to thicken their sweet delicacies. The same technique was then adopted by the French in the 19th century and evolved into the delicious sweet our Marshmallow baker La Maison Guimauve uses today

Our marshmallow baker has perfected their recipe to bring you the most deliciously tasty marshmallows you have ever tried. All of La Maison Guimauve gourmet marshmallows are handmade in their London kitchens, using the finest ingredients in a unique range of delicious and exciting flavours.

La Maison Guimauve marshmallows are a completely new experience – we use only natural flavourings and natural colourings. We don’t add anything we don’t need to – no flavour enhancers, no preservatives. Our raspberry and lemon marshmallows are flavoured with raspberries and lemons, it’s as simple as that. Add this to our own unique recipe and wow! There you have our French marshmallows!

Sheila’s award winning gourmet marshmallows taste amazing!

.The best bit is they are: Fat free, Gluten free and Guilt free.

Why not try them for yourself?

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