Malteser Christmas Pudding

Malteser Christmas Pudding


Impress the kids this Christmas with a malteser sweet tree.  We have had great fun at CCHQ devising tasty treats to make during the holidays …but this is definitely our favourite.

Firstly you will need to buy the following ingredients:

maltesers terrys1 milk chocolate white chocolate

Next Steps, if you have managed not to devour the above

1. Place your chocolate orange into a cup to stop from moving.

2. Melt a little milk chocolate and attach each malteser to the chocolate orange. Leave for 5-10 minute to set.

3. Turn the orange upside down and cover the bottom half with Maltesers in the same way. Leave for another 5-10 minutes.

4. Melt a little white chocolate and pour over the top.

4. Top with green fondant icing for holly leaves and 3 red skittles/smarties for berries.

5. Present on little cake board and enjoy!

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