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My name is Alice and my love for baking started with cupcakes and has since moved onto cakes too. I love making delicious cupcake treats and can be found behind my mixer way too often. I enjoy sharing my baking journey on my blog (New Young Mum) . My perfectionist nature has been eased since having my daughter and my love for baking has grown and I love having my little kitchen helper!
rainbow cupcakes

It’s Sunday and it’s raining outside so I thought I would share a foodie recipe with Cake Cetera readers. After successful baking with Amelia last week I couldn’t wait to get her helping out again. I have seen loads of rainbow cupcakes and honestly…I think they can look quite ugly.  Sometimes the colours blur and end up a bit of a mess but thought we best give them ago and make them as pretty as can be.

As always whenever baking I use my trusty vanilla cupcake recipe. Amelia helped lots with stirring, I think baking could be her new favourite thing. Here is the cupcake recipe, I can highly recommend using it:

rainbow cupcakes

rainbow cupcakes

Once you’ve made your basic cake mix your going to want to separate it into as many bowls depending on how many different colours you want for your rainbow cupcakes. I used; green, purple, blue, yellow and pink.

Something I would suggest is using a food colouring gel as the liquid colouring can give an unpleasant taste when a lot is used but with the gel you need such a small amount to get a great colour.

Now its just as simple as putting it in the cases in varying orders, layers and patterns.

rainbow cupcakes

While they were cooling I whipped up a simple vanilla frosting recipe. I love how thick this frosting comes out and it tastes amazing. To keep with the colourful theme I used some multicoloured confetti sprinkles.

vanilla buttercream

rainbow cupcake recipe

Considering I wasn’t the biggest fan of coloured cake and the thought of eating green cake kinda grossed me out I am now converted. They look really nice and these ones actually looked quite pretty with the white frosting on top. Will definitely be baking some more rainbow cupcakes soon.

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rainbow cake