Rocky Road Recipe

rocky road

Here is a quick and easy recipe from Anne over at Raisie Bay that all kids will enjoy helping with (and eating)

kids cakes

Roaring Rocky Road


300g chocolate

100g marshmallows

200g biscuits

125g butter

3tbs golden syrup


You can use mini marshmallows for this recipe but as I have three children I like to start with one job each so I use big marshmallows and get one child to chop them up with safety scissors.

Break up the chocolate into small pieces

break up the biscuits into small chunks. You can use any biscuits but crispy ones seem to work better, like Rich Tea, or Arrowroot.

The next job is for an older child or an adult…

melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a pan over a low heat

poor into a large bowl and allow to cool down a little

let the children add the biscuits and the marshmallows and stir

Pour the mixture into a tin 25cm by 20cm and leave to set in the fridge

slice and serve

Thanks for reading, you can find this and many more child friendly recipes over on

kids cakes


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