Assorted Gift Box of 15 Artisan Marshmallows


Assorted Gift Box of 15 Marshmallows

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Wow someone with a delicious assorted gourmet marshmallow delivery. This delicious box  of 15 gourmet marshmallows is perfect for marshmallow lovers and they are also gluten free! Soft, delicious and delightfully flavoured, our gourmet marshallow gift box contains a selection of the following 5 exciting flavours:

Classic Vanilla

Raspberry & Lemon

Elderflower & Champagne

Double Chocolate

Rose Petal

Our gourmet marshmallow delivery gift box of 15 is perfect as a special gift. Each box is  beautifully presented in a gift box and wrapped with a gold silk ribbon. We also have a large box of 24 marshmallows if 15 is just not enough. The product is best eaten as soon as possible after receipt and ideally within 2 weeks.


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We are an award winning London-based company bringing you luxury handmade marshmallows with a French twist. Did you know that marshmallows were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians? They were given as offerings to the Gods and Pharoahs. They used the sap from the mallow plant which grew along the Nile to thicken their sweet delicacies. The same technique was then adopted by the French in the 19th century and evolved into the delicious sweet we know today. We have perfected our recipe to bring you the most deliciously tasty marshmallows you have ever tried. All of our marshmallows are handmade in our London kitchens, using the finest ingredients in a unique range of delicious and exciting flavours. We keep our production process in-house, hand cutting and lovingly preparing each gourmet marshmallow. The three most important elements of a perfect marshmallows are freshness, texture and taste. We create the lightest and fluffiest gourmet marshmallows. Our marshmallows are totally fresh which means they retain their moisture creating a soft and cloud-like texture. They melt in your mouth, leaving just the amazing taste for you to savour. Fresh marshmallows are so amazing – a real taste experience. La Maison Guimauve marshmallows are a completely new experience – we use only natural flavourings and natural colourings. We don’t add anything we don’t need to – no flavour enhancers, no preservatives. Our raspberry and lemon marshmallows are flavoured with raspberries and lemons, it’s as simple as that. Add this to our own unique recipe and wow! There you have our French marshmallows!