French Macarons with Well Done messages!



French Macarons online delivery!

Say Well Done or Bravo with a delicious box of French Macarons  branded with messages and topped with sprinkles. Order Macarons online for delivery anywhere in the UK.

French Macarons or Macaroons – whatever you want them to call them are tasty little morsels! Beautiful and Delicious – Our french macarons are gift-wrapped and sent nationwide in our pretty black glossy Cake Cetera gift boxes of 12.

Our delicious arrangement includes an assortment of 12 french macarons containing 6 different flavours including pistachio, raspberry , coffee, lemon, chocolate and vanilla flavours.

Six French macarons are topped with ‘Well Done’ messages and the other six  French macarons are topped with ‘Bravo’ messages.  French Macarons are decorated using edible wafer paper and buttercream topped with colourful sprinkles. Each French Macaron measures approx 3.5 cm diameter.

Each box arrives with a glossy gift card too. To order your macarons online simply enter your gift card message then click buy.  You can then select your chosen delivery date and address of your choice.

You can also order our French macarons to then place in our gift boxes and display individually for little favours at hen parties, baby showers, corporate events and weddings.

French Macarons are best stored in the fridge and still taste great up to 5 days after delivery. If you would like to keep our french macarons for a later date we recommend popping them in the freezer and defrosting on day you require. They normally take around 30 minutes to defrost.



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