French Macaron Tower with 238 French Macarons



French Macaron Tower

Wow your guests with our 10 tier French Macaron Tower including 238 French Macarons plus the stand which you can keep and reuse.

Choose your colour and flavour. Minimum order is 60 per colour.

Our tower has 10 tiers but can also be reduced to smaller tiers to suit French macarons. You can adjust the number of tiers that you want to use, you can use from 2 to 10 tiers.


  • Level 10 holds 5 macarons, 4″ Diameter 

  • Level 9 holds 10, 5″ Diameter 
  • Level 8 holds 14, 6″ Diameter 
  • Level 7 holds 18, 7″ Diameter
  • Level 6 holds 22, 8″ Diameter 
  • Level 5 holds 26, 9″ Diameter 
  • Level 4 holds 30,10″ Diameter 
  • Level 3 holds 34, 11″ Diameter 
  • Level 2 holds 37,12″ Diameter 
  • Level 1 holds 41, 13″ Diameter


OVERALL SIZE: Overall height using all 10 tiers is 46cm (18″ inches). Separation distance between each level is 2″. The stand will fit up to around 237 macarons measuring 4.5cm (2″) diameter max.

Macarons can also be decorated to suit your theme and personalised with photos, messages and logos of your choice.

Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. For bespoke macarons, we aim to match as close to the colour required but can’t guarantee an exact match due to the tricky macaron process.

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