Top 10 Cake Decorating Products

The Top 10 Easy Cake Decorating Products

The team from share their top easy tips for cake decorating for Cake Cetera readers.

When it comes to making amazing bakes, it’s a great idea to have a cupboard filled with tried and tested fuss-free ingredients that aren’t going to let you down. Here are our top 10 easy cake decorating products that you can turn to time and time again:

  • Frosting


cupcake bouquet

Whether you use frosting to fill, coat, or add flavour and texture to your cake, it’s a fantastic and versatile product that has limitless options. Challenge yourself to top a large cake with frosted flowers or make rose cupcakes that swirl nice and high.

  • Sprinkles


Cute, fun, and versatile, sprinkles are easily one of our favourite cake decorating products. These teeny tiny treats look great whether sprinkled subtly over icing or covering an entire rainbow cake.


Follow the link to buy coloured sprinkles like those pictured above.


  • Fondant


If you’d like to include cake toppers in your creations, fondant makes sculpting figures and shapes easy. Ready to roll fondant is the most straight-forward option for covering your cake in a thick blanket. It can be found in a variety of colours, but if you can’t track down the one you need, expand your colour palette by adding a few drops of food colouring to white fondant.


  • Chocolate


There are so many quick and fuss-free ways to introduce chocolate to your cakes. In fact, if you’re not in the mood for conventional baking, there are plenty of chocolatey no-bake recipes out there. No-bakes are perfect for sweet-toothed cake lovers who want their chocolate fix without the need for the oven. Why not try a ‘No Bake Oreo Bar’

  • Colour melts


Colour melts are one of our favourite cake decorating products as they’re just so fun to use. All you need to do is remove the lid of the tub and place it in the microwave. Once you’re left with a liquid, you can either dip your treats straight into the tub to get an even covering, or you could pour the colour over your cake.

  • Nuts


If you want to add some crunch and texture to your bake, nuts can be a great addition. Embellish a frosted cake with a layer of chopped nuts, or add them to your cake mix in the first place. We’re big fans of hazelnuts, particularly when combined with chocolate and cherries.

  • Marzipan


If you love the taste of sugar and almonds, marzipan could prove to be the perfect cake decoration for you. Rather than covering your bake in icing, create a sheet of marzipan and drape it over your creation.

  • Glitter


If you want to give your cakes some sparkle, edible glitter and lustre dust are your friends. A tiny amount of glitter goes a long way, so we recommend using a small paintbrush to add a little bit at a time to keep everything under control.

  • Fruit


Fruity cakes are a sure-fire people pleaser and particularly ideal in the summer. You could add a cherry fruit filling or garnish the top of your cake with everything from strawberries to oranges. Fruity bakes make us all feel a little less guilty about the amount of cake we’re eating!

  • Modelling paste

modelling paste

Whether you want to top your cake with cute cartoon figures or delicate sugarcraft flowers, modelling paste is a brilliant tool to use on your bakes. Modelling paste can come in a variety of colours, but if you can’t spot the one you want, you could use colour melts to change the appearance of your creations. It’s a Baking Thing stock a rose pink modelling paste that would be perfect for replicating the flower above.

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