Top 10 Pancake Facts

It’s Pancake Day this coming Tuesday! Here at Cake-Cetera, we’re very excited about this and looking for yummy recipes to try. Whilst looking, we found these amazing facts and thought we’d share them with you all x
1. On Pancake Tuesday in Britain, over 52 million eggs are used! That’s enough to reach from London to Edinburgh 5 times!

Ultimate fruit pancake

2. Before bicarbonate of soda was invented, fresh snow was used to make pancakes soft & fluffy.

3. In Iceland, Pancake Day is called ‘Sprengidagur’ which means ‘Bursting Day’.

4. The most flips of a pancake in 2 minutes was 349!
5. It takes twice as long to cook the first side of a pancake that it does to cook the second side.

6. The first pancake recipe dates back to the 15th century.Clean Eating | Cinnamon Sweet Potato Pancakes [only 67 calories per pancake for a guilt-free and delicious breakfast!] - offbeat + inspired
7. Opus Restaurant in Manchester created the world’s most expensive pancake in 2009. Costing £144, it was flavoured with Madagascan vanilla and edible gold leaf!

8. The most pancakes eaten in an hour is 1,092! That’s the same number of calories as 158 roast dinners!

9. Olney, Buckinghamshire held the first recorded pancake race in 1445.

Pancake Pops! ( ) -----------I want to have a pancake party.

10. The largest pancake ever made and flipped was 15.01m wide, 2.5cm thick and weighed 3 tonnes! That’s the same weight as 26 baby elephants!


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