Trifle Cupcakes


trifle cupcakes

I recently saw some lovely looking Scottish raspberries in the supermarket – we are lucky to get great berries up here – and I wondered what could I conjure up with said rasps?

I bought a small punnet and took it home. Later whilst having a look online, it hit me – Trifle! Everyone has their own version of trifle, and mine’s uses raspberries. I always make it at Christmas and although it is not yet summer I thought trifle shouldn’t just be for Santa time – let’s have a portable version – Trifle Cupcakes, that can be eaten anytime of the year!

Now as I said, my trifle uses raspberries. I tend to place sponge fingers in the bottom of my dish, with rasps dotted around. I then pour on some raspberry jelly – no booze in mine – just pure sweetness. When that has set I spread on some thick luscious custard and when that has thickened sufficiently, I add whipped cream on top, finished with a final garnish of crumbled Flake – heaven! I can almost hear Noddy Holder screeching in the background – but these are actually very summery cupcakes!



Yield: 6 large cupcakes (muffins really!)


110 grams softened, unsalted butter

110 grams sugar

2 eggs

I tsp vanilla extract

100 grams plain flour

1 ½ teaspoon baking powder



6 raspberries

Prepared sachet of raspberry jelly

Prepared custard (out of a tin, sachet, pot, you choose!)

Small pot of double cream – whipped

1 Flake, crumbled


Preheat your oven to 180oC. Place 6 muffin liners in a muffin tray. Sieve together the flour and baking powder and set aside.

In a bowl, beat the butter and sugar together until pale yellow in colour and totally combined. Add the eggs one at a time, combining after each addition. Add the vanilla extract (I used the LittlePod vanilla paste I was sent recently) and mix until slightly thickened. Next slowly fold in the flour mix until this is just combined, don’t over mix. Fill the muffin liners about 2/3 full, dividing the batter equally. Pop these into the oven and bake for 15 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the centre. Leave the muffins to cool completely, removing them from the pan after 10 minutes. I left mine over night so they went quite firm, this makes them easy to scoop out the core.

trifle 2

trifle cupcakes

I left my cupcakes a few hours before I enjoyed, so the filling could settle and meld together slightly. But when I bit in, oh my goodness, fresh raspberries, yummy vanilla sponge, with the coolness of the jelly and creamy custard. And the topping of cream and flake was decadence itself.

Remember trifle is for life, not just for Christmas – Go and create!!

trifle cupcakes


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