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  • Choc on Choc

    The Choc on Choc story started in 2003 in a village nr Bath in the UK by a father-daughter team, Kerr Dunlop and Flo Broughton. Kerr is an accomplished inventor (in the 1980s he designed the immensely popular hedgehog boot wiper), and was messing around with chocolate in the kitchen one day, with a recently graduated Flo. Together they were filling rubber moulds shaped as noughts and crosses thinking that that they would make rather nice presents for the family. The pair of them devised a business idea and soon they made enough chocolates to take to a trade show in Birmingham. To their astonishment, they came back from the show with a lot of orders from several shops. Flo and Kerr had to quickly buy some equipment and teach themselves how to make chocolate in order to delight their new found customers. They also needed to stand out from the crowd, so came up with the original, and now patented, idea of layering chocolate on top of chocolate, creating beautiful and unique designs. Choc on Choc was born!
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  • made

    Mademoiselle Macaron

    I still remember tasting my first macaron in the chic French capital. It was years ago now when I had waited in the long queue of confused tourists at Ladurée on the Champs Elysées. I bit into the creation and passed through the three culinary sensations. First I broke into the solid shell, passed into the chewy almond meringue texture and finally tasted the sweet vanilla filling. My dreams came true when I lived in Paris, immersed myself in the culture, ate too many patisseries and finally went to the Alain Ducasse cookery school to learn how to make macarons and so Mademosielle Macaron was born
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  • bad brownie

    Bad Brownie

    bad brownie   Bad Brownie are flavour crazy chocolate addicts hell-bent on spreading gourmet brownie love, street by street, home by home, chocoholic by chocoholic. Founders Paz and Morag met while working together at a branding agency in London and bonded over an obscene number of hot chocolates in the company kitchen. While we were very good at making spreadsheets, our hearts lay elsewhere with all things chocolatey. Baking in a tiny flat in leafy Richmond, we took our first batches of gourmet brownies to a South London market in Paz's mum's trusty (and rusty) Nissan Micra. The people of Clapham had never seen anything like our Bad Brownies. Within a matter of weeks we had expanded to other markets across London in our mission to educate people that brownies no longer had to be boring squares of average chocolate.
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  • Kasey

    Now – cake is easy to come by.  But great cake that not only looks wonderful but tastes it too.  Cake that works to offer something different.  Cake that ensures your tastebuds sing. Cake that offers new looks and flavours, that goes beyond Victoria sponge and sprinkles.  Cake that does all of that is a little harder to find.

    Kupkase & Co have been making great cake since 2013.  We’re passionate about providing desserts and artisan cakes for people who want standout, high quality, premium treats, oozing with flair and flavour, all natural with no nasties.

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  • marshmallow

    La Maison Guimauve Marshmallows

    We are an award winning London-based company bringing you luxury handmade marshmallows with a French twist. Did you know that marshmallows were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians? They were given as offerings to the Gods and Pharoahs. They used the sap from the mallow plant which grew along the Nile to thicken their sweet delicacies. The same technique was then adopted by the French in the 19th century and evolved into the delicious sweet we know today. We have perfected our recipe to bring you the most deliciously tasty marshmallows you have ever tried. All of our marshmallows are handmade in our London kitchens, using the finest ingredients in a unique range of delicious and exciting flavours. We keep our production process in-house, hand cutting and lovingly preparing each gourmet marshmallow. The three most important elements of a perfect marshmallows are freshness, texture and taste. We create the lightest and fluffiest gourmet marshmallows. Our marshmallows are totally fresh which means they retain their moisture creating a soft and cloud-like texture. They melt in your mouth, leaving just the amazing taste for you to savour. Fresh marshmallows are so amazing - a real taste experience. La Maison Guimauve marshmallows are a completely new experience - we use only natural flavourings and natural colourings. We don't add anything we don't need to - no flavour enhancers, no preservatives. Our raspberry and lemon marshmallows are flavoured with raspberries and lemons, it's as simple as that. Add this to our own unique recipe and wow! There you have our French marshmallows!
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  • naked bakery

    Naked Bakery

    Here at the Naked Bakery, It's our mission to produce not only beautiful looking vegan baked goods but goodies that taste delicious too. We feel that no matter your allergies, intolerances or diet choice, you should not miss out when it comes to treating yourself. We come from a background of different food allergies, intolerances and when we became vegan we realised this diet/life style eliminates a lot of these problems and most importantly, it means no one misses out! we think of our products as naughty but kind.
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  • cookie crumbles

    Cookie Crumbles

    Easy, Fun, Delicious
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  • lily grace designs

    Lily Grace Designs

    lily grace designs I love making beautiful, personalised baking & chocolatier gifts for you in my kitchen! Hi, I’m Jo, a mum of three whose enthusiasm for baking and chocolate-making led me to develop my muffin jars, cake-in-a-mug kits and hand-made chocolate gifts – with the boys’ help! I prepare all my gifts personally and pride myself in checking, packaging and despaching every item myself so I know it is nothing less than perfect. (Well, I do rope my husband Paul in for a little help now & then at busy times of year!) I use nothing but the best quality ingredients – Belgian chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids, English flour and Fairtrade sugar. And I always try to include items in my kits which you can keep and re-use in your kitchen so you know you are getting great value for money. Over the years I’ve been given a personalised or handmade present now and then and those are the ones that I’ve really appreciated. Somehow they stood out from the rest and stuck in my memory as being extra special. So I’ve designed all my kits to be personalised with the name of the recipient on the actual product. I hope you will enjoy my baking and chocolate kits as much as I enjoy making them for you! Happy Baking! Jo
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  • sugar rush tablet

    Sugar Rush Tablet

    Tablet is a popular Scottish confectionary it is very similar to fudge but with a more crumblier texture and is irresistible if you have a sweet tooth its made using an old traditional family recipe! Please note when ordering please give details of an email address and contact number for postage
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